If it's too clean it means you didn't use it.

If it’s too clean it means you didn’t use it.

I have hundreds of art supplies, but I usually only use a few of them.

This box is perfect for travel, but I end up using it around the house all the time.

I use a pencil to draw the initial picture, then I use watercolor pencils throughout the process.  At the end I use them to accentuate the details.

Most of my work is done in little sketchbooks, so I don’t usually need my large palette full of colors.  But when I do larger works, I love to use my Robert Simmons Sienna brushes.  These little Niji waterbrushes are excellent for small works. 

Today's face.

Today’s face.

I don’t know why I always draw and paint faces.  I think it’s because I’m trying to figure life out and I’m looking for answers or insight in the faces I draw. Maybe that’s it; maybe not.


In March I always think of my artist journals and my dad’s birthday.  I remember the weather.  And I often write poetry in March . . . 


Which brings me back to writing.  I’m supposed to be on a marathon “write” now, so I shall return to it.

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  1. Betty-Lu Burton on 23 March 2013 at 1:56 PM said:

    You have such interesting pictures. You are definitely a much better artist than me.

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