Wow, what a bummer of a day.  I was so depressed I cried tears THROUGH my yoga mat.

Then I couldn’t get into writing.  In a way that was a blessing because I did some clean-up work on the entire manuscript.  Stuff like fixing headers and capitalizing chapter titles, making it all the same font again.  (The diary entries were orignally written in a different font.)

Hopefully the housework is all done.

I also did a fair amount of reading over some printed pages of the manuscript.  I hit a snag spot though.  It’s a place I keep running up against and it’s a stubborn problem.  I knew it needed individual attention and I wasn’t up to it today.  So I skipped those chapters and read ahead.

Eventually the much-needed nap came on.  After two hours of freedom, I woke up and faced the music again.

I felt able to take it on.  I fiddled with my library of writing books, tried looking for answers in other children’s books.  It wasn’t till I sat down and started writing about it that I came up with two good old standby pieces of advice:




As I wrote about the problem (I love it how writing problems are often best dealt with in writing–although talking them out is also helpful) it became clear to me that this problem would be solved by addressing earlier issues in the manuscript.  It’s like, I had my kids accept their situation too readily.  I had to sow seeds of doubt in their minds in order to keep the action moving forward at this perennial snag point.

That means I’ve got some serious rewriting, but it can be done.  What a relief.  The other beauty of it is that it can come back up again at the end of the book for a nice little twist and resolution.


One Thought on “Rainy Mondays Are a Double “Get Me Down”

  1. I’m glad you came up with some solutions to your problems. 🙂 I don’t generally like rainy days or Mondays either.

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