100_1182 cropped 100_1183 cropped 100_1184 croppedOK, I haven’t posted in awhile and I can’t remember how this works, so I’ll just have a go and see how it comes out.

I’m posting these pictures of an accordion book I made a few years ago to give a new friend a visual on what I was trying to describe.

Hey, Jude (always wanted to say that to someone, though you’ve probably heard it once or twice before . . .)–this one’s for you.



2 Thoughts on “Accordion Book

  1. This is beautiful, Sue. I love the idea of an accordion book. It looks like a concept I’d have used when I was home schooling my kids. We would make books or folders to record the things we’d learned in a visual, even three-dimensional way. Ours were very useful, but yours is very beautiful.

    • Thanks, Heather! I am even more insecure about my artistic creations than I am about my writing, so “approbation … is praise indeed”! (Not to mention–a comment from a real person on my blog, yay!) (Except why do we say “not to mention” when we ARE mentioning it?)

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