The Princess Polly

Trying to teach Polly not to bite.

Quite a project.

After so many years of being a dog ownee, it has finally occurred to me why the little cherubs bite you when you give them your food–because, of course, that is one of the first things they train you to do.

They can’t see it, so they snap at it and snarf it before it can evaporate.



rural mailbox with curved top

rural mailbox with curved top

Imagine you have a rural mailbox strapped to your face and every time you look down you see its curved roof.  If you really want to see what’s directly below your jaw you have to tilt your head.

Hence that cute presentation you so often see from dogs when a crumb of food falls, heeded or not, to the floor.  They tilt their head in a beguiling attitude that makes you hope they find the crumb:  Special Delivery!

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