This Is the Place

This Is the Place

. . . and we’re gonna get cleaning!

Not to sound like a total do-gooder, but Kerry and I went to the church this morning for our periodic cleaning assignment.

I ran the vacuum cleaner which is not my favorite thing to do.  (Last time I cleaned windows.  Ditto.)  In fact, cleaning isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it’s different when you do it at the church.  It’s a little easier to feel holy.  Yes, corny as that sounds.  I feel holy cleaning at the church.

Another cool thing is that after you’ve been running the vacuum for awhile–marveling at how huge an empty classroom is–you start feeling like, “This job is never going to end.”  But then someone appears down the hallway running another vacuum cleaner.  They’re moving toward you and you realize what looked like a mountain just became a molehill because you weren’t doing it alone.

Everyone is cheerful and busy and the work is getting done and it’s just a great way to spend an hour and a half on a Saturday morning.

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