Should say, "You WILL succeed."

Should say, “You WILL succeed.”

(Yes, I meant the double entendre.)

New year, new goals.  Writing Goals.

And I must be crazy, but I’m going to publish them for all to see.  (Like, about one person reads my blog.)

My first goal is to read Carol Lynch Williams’ blog at least, say, once a week.  It’s inspiring.

My next goal is to keep writing–to keep writing and stop doubting it.  There might be some unexpected power in this–if I can just let go of my insecure need to doubt!  I have so many doubts about writing it’s ridiculous.  I could spend the rest of my life writing about my doubts.

And even though I’m still in doubt-mode I’m going to keep writing.  Yes.

I’m going to keep writing.

And she lived happily ever after.  (I hope.)
The end.


Those are my writing goals.  I also have humanitarian aid goals and exercise goals.  These are they:  do them.

(Best not to get too specific on too many things all at once.)

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