quote from Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

quote from Little Town on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Here I am, typing on my blog.  No one will make comments on it, so there won’t be any nasty ones.  Sometimes I think I will never make a good Christian.

Some people think it’s all right, even healthy, to let off steam.  Maybe.  But when I let off steam at the expense of others, even people who have been unkind to me, I don’t think that’s right or excusable or healthy.  It just makes me feel worse about what was already a bad situation.

If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek

Five things observe with care:

To whom you speak, of whom you speak,

And how and when and where.

That’s some advice from Ma Ingalls.  Laura remembered it and so do I.  Unfortunately I’m still remembering it at the wrong end of events, i.e. AFTER I’ve been unwise, unkind, and un-Christian.

Aw, shucks.  Of course there’s repentance and I hope there’s no expiration date or limit to how many times I can be forgiven for the same foolish actions.  Just wish I could get it right more consistently.

Nevertheless, on my toolbar there’s a little house-shaped icon and I can come here, write out my discouragement, and probably no one will ever know it’s here, unless I tell them.  If I keep it a secret it’s not because I’m ashamed to have people know I’m fallible.  I’m ashamed of myself, true.  The secret is that I don’t want to burden anyone with reading it.

Oh well, their choice.

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