I’ve discovered that I am a romantic. Didn’t realize this before. It’s been with me all my life. Even as a child I enjoyed (preferred) standing on the sidelines of a story and cheering the hero or heroine on as they had their adventures and their little romances.

So I’m not surprised that my writing has taken a turn toward romance. I liked the following quote I read today and the assignment below it. I think they’re going to help me with my book. The funny thing is that though I like romance, I am not a particularly emotional writer. I mean that emotion is missing from what I write. So, I’m learning how to put it in. The writing prompt should help.

From Carol Lynch Williams:  “We can write well-written love stories. Stories that aren’t only romance but life and good things and hard things and fun things, too. Where people change and the outcome is for better or worse. …real life told well.”

For today–Write an opening scene with your main character.  Start the story on the day something new happens. Not something huge–necessarily. But something is different.

The new thing doesn’t have to be a life changer.
In this scene, let us learn a little of place, a lot about the character, and a little about who she is on the inside. Let us see her dealing with the new thing that has happened today.


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