Are you the kind of person who likes surprises? I don’t know if I am or not.

I also can’t decide if I’m the kind of person who likes to spoil surprises or not. Maybe I’m a thin ice kind of a gal. Let me explain.

I’m about to post photos of a gift I made for a mother-to-be. The gift is wrapped and ready to take over to her parents’ house, so she hasn’t seen it yet and doesn’t even know I made it. What are the chances she’ll stumble across this blog post before she receives and opens the gift? There’s my thin ice. It’s actually pretty thick . . . or I am.

What do you make for a baby boy whose parents are Dr. Who fans? A bear and a blanket featuring the Dr. Who Police Call Box. (I think the call box is how Dr. Who travels through time. All I know about Dr. Who I learned from Studio C sketches.)

The card says, “Being alive right now is all that counts”–Eleventh Doctor.

I hope the quote is appropriate. It seemed quirky and funny to me–the kind of thing I’d appreciate if I was a Dr. Who fan and someone who wasn’t was giving┬áme a gift they hoped I’d enjoy.


Dr. Who baby blanket--front view.

Dr. Who baby blanket–front view


Dr. Who baby blanket–half folded view


Dr. Who teddy bear–front view


Dr. Who teddy bear–back view. (Kerry thought he should have a call box centered on his back.)

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