Had a most unusual experience last night. Sister missionaries from the Utah Orem Mission knocked on my door. I’ve had visits from Jehovah’s Witness missionaries before, but this is the first time I’ve ever been contacted by Mormon missionaries. First time in my whole life!sister-missionariesI invited them in and we had an absolutely delightful visit together. I didn’t realize it at the time because I was a little bit nervous—entertaining angels unaware, or rather, aware—but these young ladies brought a very special spirit into my home. I consider myself a spiritual person and I always hope the atmosphere in my home is peaceful and uplifting, so it was a bit exciting to feel the difference (which I noticed mostly after they left). Sort of like how your ordinarily fragrance-free home would be if you brought in a bouquet of roses. How sweet it is!

Sister Thorsteinson (from Alberta) and Sister Howton (from Sacramento, CA–poor thing, she’s freezing in our Utah winter!) were both serious and fun. I really enjoyed them. Before leaving, they challenged me to do something to bring myself closer to the Savior. That was a bit tricky—I mean, like the early apostles, wise as serpents yet harmless as doves (Matthew 10:16)—they challenge everyone to do a little better. I said I wanted to be less hard on myself, to realize that I’m not able to do everything; I have to embrace the fact that I have limitations (many!) and choose the best things to do, with the guidance of the Holy Ghost. We had a prayer together at the end of their visit, and I think it was at that point I began to be aware of the blessing they were to my home. They prayed for me, my family and friends, and my activities.

How can anyone not want an experience like this? Go out and find the missionaries, they can help you with anything! (Even yard work and snow shoveling, right Sister Howton?)

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