I went to my husband’s word turning association meeting tonight and talked to Joe—of Wunderwag Industries. I thought people might appreciate hearing a little of what we talked about.

Click here for info on the Wunderwag Industries looms.

At least one international order has been shipped. He sent out some other invoices, but hasn’t heard back yet, so you might want to check your PayPal account for an invoice. Others won’t have received an invoice yet.

He said they shipped out seven orders today. They’ve now shipped out about 30 orders and are about one-third of the way down the list.

Custom requests, bulk orders, and additional loom shapes and sizes will have to wait till the initial flurry is taken care of. However, there will be additional loom types available in the future.

Here’s a sneak peek at a future possibility. Other colors will be available, but I have to say they cost more because Joe has to purchase a special (large) piece of acrylic material to make the loom. (I bought the whole white sheet myself, so it’s all spoken for!)

Tools of the trade

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