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Sue at Dana Point, CA

Sue at Dana Point, CA

March 2013

OK, it’s not the most up-to-date photo, but somehow I’ve come to identify with this one.  It says, “Me,” to me.

I live in Utah and I’m writing a children’s book.

I would like to become a published author.

I also do a lot of art, though recently I’ve only been writing.

Now that spring is nearly here, the garden will begin calling . . .


Update 9 Feb 2016: Things have changed a bit since I started this blog. The photo still says, “Me” to me; I still live in Utah (though I grew up mostly in California which is why the photo says what it says to me).

Uh, technically I’m still writing a (different) children’s book but my writing bone is currently at rest.

Occasionally I do a project called The Daily Sketch and there are some posts about that, but I should add more of my artwork hereon (most of the pictures are on Facebook).

Spring can come and go as it will. The garden may call, but ’twill be in vain. In the winter of 2014 I discovered pin loom weaving. A couple of months later I discovered yarn spinning via a drop spindle, followed by a spinning wheel. I also do a little rigid heddle weaving (didn’t even know what that was when I first began to run across the term).

Another of my interests is humanitarian work. I’ve worked with the now defunct Angel Outfitters organization–providing infant burial clothing for angel babies. I also make dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World, baby leg warmers for a local private charity, and teddy bears for Little Lambs Foundation (serving Northern Utah’s Foster Care children).

Anything else you want to know?

5 Thoughts on “About Me

  1. Betty-Lu Burton on 16 March 2013 at 3:28 PM said:

    Where is your home page. I was going to link to it but did not know how

  2. cath dahl on 11 June 2016 at 6:40 AM said:

    hi sue…your interests are similar to mine…i recently received a new rigid heddle as a gift..i also knit, crochet,,,used to make hand stitched quilts (had to quit that due to arthritis) …now i have taken up pin looming…i used to write sci-fi short stories…i have been using drop spindles and supported spindles for over20 years ( cotton is difficult, eh?!)….i knit and crochet for several different charities…i move around with whatever i feel like doig…or if i can find time for all this….i used to emroider and do counted cross stitch…you know why they call it cross stitch, don’t you ? after a couple of it, your eyes go “crossed” lol…sorry bad pun :)…so i look forward to learn more from you, and the other pin loomers of course…take care

    • cath dahl on 11 June 2016 at 6:43 AM said:

      i forgot to ask you what part of california did you live? i lived in the los angelos for six years before i moved back to canada…don”t you miss the ocean?

      • HI Cath,

        I was born in Riverside but my family moved 9 days after I was born to the bay area, so I grew up in Santa Clara and San Jose. Funny you should ask if I miss the ocean instead of the beach. Yes, ocean–beach, not so sure. But I love the mountains even more. When I go back to the ocean I am awed by the huge power of it–like I sometimes feel when I contemplate the mountains. As a child I never liked the sand that stuck to everything, the waves that knocked me down, the salty water. I developed an aversion to “the beach” even though it’s practically the same thing as the ocean.

        Sounds like you and I are like so many others–doing all the handicrafts and wanting to share them. It looks like my fiction writing has turned into writing a (hopefully) helpful blog–although I still feel drawn to write; no doubt I’ll go back to it again some day.

        Right now I am immersed in pin loom weaving. Seems like every few months someone comes up with some wonderful new way to use it. I never get bored with it!

        Happy pin loom adventuring!

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