About 50 years ago, in the 1970’s, I was a youth. There was a popular LDS-church-themed musical play that traveled around part of the United States. Later on it was made into a movie that you can probably watch on YouTube. It’s called Saturday’s Warrior. In it there’s a lovely song that comes up in a poignant scene. The chorus of the song says, “Line upon line, precept on precept—that is how He lifts us, that is how He teaches His children.” I saw the play, but I learned the song from the record album. That important message has stuck with me all my life: Learning happens a little bit at a time. And learning is a good thing—a gift from a loving Father.

Speaking of gifts–these flowers came from a friend right after Kerry and I gave our talks. Much appreciated!
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My Sue and the Psalms series is a hard habit to make. While I have some really remarkable experiences with scriptures practically daily (I love them more than yarn!), it’s difficult to type them up. And there’s always the fear of sounding like I’m bragging or holier than…I was a few minutes ago. (So forgive me if it sounds like that.)

Home gym. You can tell it’s my home gym because it’s messy and unsafe for general use.

I’m supposed to be at the Provo Rec Center today diving, swimming, and taking yoga class. I was on track till the Can’t Cant kicked in. Let’s hope I can pull a home workout out of the hat.

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“You’re really brave to [fill in the blank] at your … age.”

I don’t hear this a lot (maybe people are actually thinking, “You’re really nuts…” while saying brave.) But I hear it some—most recently after we acquired a puppy.

Penny at 10 weeks
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One thing I’ve learned this year is to not run away from VERY strong promptings of the Spirit. (BTW, it’s also not a great idea to ignore very weak promptings either; you might miss your stop, ride the bus an extra ½ mile, and have to hike back. Yeah, been there; done that—just this morning.)

Front Line-up dive from 3-meter platform, 3 April 2023

Near the beginning of March 2023, in the course of one hour, I received three strong messages that I was to GO BACK to afternoon diving classes. Afternoons are my Waterloo, so these were not welcome promptings, even though I do love diving. While I didn’t actually board a ship and sail in the other direction, I took no action for a few weeks. Thought I was going to get away with it…

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