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Soap out of the pocket

My husband and I have been camping out a lot this summer. We like to keep a little bottle of camping soap on hand all the time, along with a hand towel. So I rigged up a little pocket to keep the soap in. If the campground has running water in the bathrooms, I think it’s nice to have my own soap and towel. But there isn’t usually a lot of shelf space and I don’t like forgetting the soap and having to go back and get it.

Soap in pocket with ATC size loom

I made my own ATC size loom, but you can order one from Wunderwag. Also, depending on the size of your soap bottle, you might need a different size pocket. You don’t have to make the elastic this tight; I find it’s pretty easy to slip the bottle in and out of it when it’s this tight, but not so easy that you’ll lose the bottle.

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