This morning I had plans to watch/listen to a BYU Devotional rebroadcast, but had 15 minutes during which it was likely I’d forget to turn it on before the show started. I searched my music library for something 15 minutes long (by way of a timer), but that landed me in a list of book chapters (because I have a lot of audiobooks in iTunes). I decided to listen to a story I’ve enjoyed since I was a child: The Fisherman and His Wife from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. (Don’t know if you’re acquainted with—all readers are volunteers.)

When I was young we had this story in a picture book. I’ve searched in vain on the Internet for images from that specific version (black woodcut prints with colors in the background) because I wanted to share its cover, but can’t find it. I’ve had to make do with an image that reminds me of the pose the fisherman took when asking the fish for gifts.

artwork by Delia Mihai

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Kerry says if I keep adding photos to The Daily Sketch page it will take forever to load, so I’m abandoning the page idea and blogging about my recent daily sketches in a regular post.

It was late on August 6th, and I’d spent considerable time earlier in the day loading all my pictures and writing about them–and learning about myself in the process. I’d made a quick computer sketch (thank you, Paint program), but I’m a stickler for doing the thing right; I needed to put implement to paper. I also needed some quick inspiration, so I grabbed Cat Bennett’s book, The Confident Creative. I admit I didn’t read what all the words said, just looked at the pictures and creatively built my own art activity: I drew a basic body outline and then personalized it.

I got the idea for this sketch from Cat Bennett's book The Confident Creative.,  chapter 20 "Being True to You." You'll notice there are words--that's how I am true to myself, by writing.

I got the idea for this sketch from The Confident Creative,
chapter 20, “Being True to You.” You’ll notice there are words–that’s how I am true to myself, by writing in the midst of drawing.
6 August 2015

I also finished up a picture (by adding words) I started on 3 Aug, so it’s dated for both.

I associate myself with this hue of green. There's a small stack of pictures on this paper (I think it's Ingres) and most of them are dominated by this color.

I associate myself with this hue of green. I have a small stack of pictures made on this paper (I think it’s Ingres) and most of them are dominated by this color.
6 August 2015

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