About 50 years ago, in the 1970’s, I was a youth. There was a popular LDS-church-themed musical play that traveled around part of the United States. Later on it was made into a movie that you can probably watch on YouTube. It’s called Saturday’s Warrior. In it there’s a lovely song that comes up in a poignant scene. The chorus of the song says, “Line upon line, precept on precept—that is how He lifts us, that is how He teaches His children.” I saw the play, but I learned the song from the record album. That important message has stuck with me all my life: Learning happens a little bit at a time. And learning is a good thing—a gift from a loving Father.

Speaking of gifts–these flowers came from a friend right after Kerry and I gave our talks. Much appreciated!
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…or, How I Became Both a Swimmer AND an Open Water Swimmer in My Late 50s

A friend recently asked me how I got started as a swimmer. She probably really meant, as an old person swimmer. She also asked a number of questions I thought other beginning swimmers might want answered.

Finishing my swim in Strawberry Reservoir with butterfly stroke. The yellow float is a New Wave swim buoy, used to make an open water swimmer more visible to boats.
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