Today I’m posting instructions on how to make (I say “make,” not “build”) a right angle triangle loom, though I’ll try to make sure they are suitable instructions for any loom–regardless of size or shape.

Companion videos:

How to make (not build) your own loom
How to weave on a triangle loom

Someone told me it’s much easier to just buy the loom you want than to build it yourself. Obviously. But it’s much CHEAPER to make it yourself. And if it’s a size or shape you only¬†want to play around with, why go to the expense of buying, or the trouble of building, when you can make one? I realize that even this simple procedure will be more than some people want to put themselves through, but for those who want a little guidance, here’s my experience.

Looms I've made in the past month.

Looms I’ve made in the past month.

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