I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the new Wunderwag Industries Pin Looms.
(They are made by my husband’s friend, and I get no compensation for any of the looms sold.)

Wunderwag Industries 3-loom set

Features include . . .

  • a frame slightly wider than the Weave-It (for easier handling), but not so wide that it will interfere with needle maneuverability
  • beveled edge inside the frame facilitates weaving
  • rows and corners numbered in black, and center markings on the top and bottom edges (a huge plus when weaving patterns and you need to keep track of which row you’re on)
  • a clear acrylic frame that makes it easier to see what’s happening at Corner 3 when you get to that last, tight row of weaving
  • headless steel pins, about 1/8 inch longer than Weave-It pins
  • full compatibility with Weave-It and Zoom Looms (pin spacing is 1/8 inch or .32 cm)

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