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So, here’s what I was thinking as I constructed a 49 pins-per-side loom today: “Why don’t all the loommakers send me samples of their looms so I can promote them and extend their product’s usability?” (This is how I think while poking 192 holes and then placing 192 pins in a cardboard loom.) And then I realized, “Why should they? I’m plugging their products even though I don’t own any of them.”

(Apparently I need to clarify the above paragraph. It was meant as something of a joke. It’s probably selfish of me to wish my grunt work on others. I didn’t mean to solicit offers!)

Today’s ad features a 12″ x 12″ loom (what I’d call a bias loom) with 49-per-side equidistant pins.

12″ x 12″ loom — photo by Theresa Jewell. Used with permission.

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"3-and-1" front view


P = plain weave
U = under
O = over

Warp loom as follows:

Layers 1 and 2: use color 1 (sample shows Caron Simply Soft “Lavender Blue”)

At corner 3 change to color 2 (sample shows Caron Simply Soft “Soft Pink”); warp Layer 3, finishing at corner 2. Wrap yarn five times around loom, cut, thread needle.


R1 and R16: P
Even Rows: P2, (U3, O1) x 6, U3 , P2
Odd Rows: P4, (U3, O1) x 5, U3, P4


"3-and-1"--back view

back view

UPDATE 11-11-16

This pattern works well on the 2″, 4″, and 6″ squares and rectangles.

3-and-1 (modified) on 6" square loom

3-and-1 on 6″ square loom

3-and-1 (modified) on 4" x 6" rectangular loom

3-and-1 on 4″ x 6″ rectangular loom


10 Aug 2018 UPDATE: the pattern below was originally posted as “3-and-1,” but did not go with the photo. It’s also a legitimate pattern.

Rows 1 and 16: P
Rows 2-15: U-1, O-3 seven times; end with P-3

3-and-1 reverse