Almost everything I need to know about pin looms I learned on the eloomanation website. I found pattern books, little-loom trivia, and I learned about looms I might not otherwise have known existed. That’s good and that’s bad. It’s good because you want to know there are other options, and it’s bad because you may or may not be able to get your hands on them.

I’m lucky. When I first learned about the Loomette with bars I searched for it on eBay, found one, and “buy-it-now” bought it. I purchased a Jiffy Loom (JL) before I even knew what it was. I saw Wonder Weave looms in abundance before I decided to buy one.

With the Bucilla Magic-Loom (BML) I was not so instantaneously lucky. I looked for over a year and never saw one. When I finally found one, it was offered on eBay as a package deal with two other looms I already own–and that’s good and that’s bad. I knew a package deal would cost more which is good because the higher price would scare away some bidders, but it’s bad because it would drive the price up for me as well. Too bad the loom didn’t come with the “adjusta bar,” but it’s good that it came with its original instructions and box.

I won the auction, so now I own one and I’m really happy about that.

Bucilla Magic-Loom with(out) adjusta bar

Bucilla Magic-Loom with(out) adjusta bar

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