Amber from the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/pinloomweaving/ suggested we host a weekly weave-along and she asked me to spearhead the project. I’ve never done a needlework-along before, but I said yes because it sounds like fun. After the death of my dog last week, I needed something to revitalize me and this is just the thing.

Last night I started organizing my mass of stuff.

Squares galore!

Squares galore!

Turns out sorting squares–preliminary sorting–was pretty easy. The tough part was–and continues to be–identifying everything. My record keeping system has evolved from nil to efficient and all between; it spans three notebooks and several sheets of graph paper. Heh, heh. Now we roll up our sleeves.

And then there’s the part about CHOOSING one-and-only-one square to start with. I had a lot of ideas . . . In the end I decided to go with one I admired during sorting. Naturally I couldn’t find the instructions for it even though my notes said, “Dark green notebook, 31 May 2015, bottom of page.” There were no pattern instructions anywhere on the page that matched this square.

Luckily, I’ve learned how to figure out what I did. So I did.

Here’s the pattern: “Open Weave”

The finished sample was woven using Carron Simply Soft (CSS) “Berry Blue.”

"Open Weave" woven with CSS "Berry Blue"

“Open Weave” woven with CSS “Berry Blue”

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