“You’re really brave to [fill in the blank] at your … age.”

I don’t hear this a lot (maybe people are actually thinking, “You’re really nuts…” while saying brave.) But I hear it some—most recently after we acquired a puppy.

Penny at 10 weeks
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One thing I’ve learned this year is to not run away from VERY strong promptings of the Spirit. (BTW, it’s also not a great idea to ignore very weak promptings either; you might miss your stop, ride the bus an extra ½ mile, and have to hike back. Yeah, been there; done that—just this morning.)

Front Line-up dive from 3-meter platform, 3 April 2023

Near the beginning of March 2023, in the course of one hour, I received three strong messages that I was to GO BACK to afternoon diving classes. Afternoons are my Waterloo, so these were not welcome promptings, even though I do love diving. While I didn’t actually board a ship and sail in the other direction, I took no action for a few weeks. Thought I was going to get away with it…

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