Let 2017 henceforth be known as . . .

The Seemingly Endless Year of Triangle Pin Loom Reasearch

(and let that be an end to it).

I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the frustration and masses of computer and paper work associated with my research. I feel I’ve been reasonably thorough, have answered all the questions I’ve come up with (feel free to ask yours because the year isn’t technically over yet), and am finally (at least for the present) satisfied with the results.

If I lose my ability to see clearly, this pile of papers might be to blame.

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There are some things one just CAN’T let go.

For me it’s the triangle loom. I’m on a quest to discover how to get it to make a half square in the three-layer warping style. So far, no good. You can see how the bumps along the hypotenuse don’t intermesh. The corners don’t work either (believe me). If you lapped one hypotenuse over the other and stitched through two thicknesses, you’d have it, but that’s not what we’re after.

These two three-layer warped triangles do not a square make

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To order looms and/or extra needles, contact Joe at wunderwag@gmail.com (see price list at the end of this post).

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of the new Wunderwag Industries Pin Looms.
(They are made by my husband’s friend, and I get no compensation for any of the looms sold.)

Wunderwag Industries 3-loom set

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It’s easy to forget this is a blog and not a television show; web-log, not production number. Sometimes I put forth too much effort, I think. In the spirit of writing something self-beneficial, I dedicate this entry . . .

To my Windswept Mind:

Things I’m likely to forget even if I write them down, but which may surprise and delight me should I run across them later on.

Thing One–See the Signs

Signs a project has, or projects have, been abandoned:

Yes sir, yes sir, three looms full--of started projects most likely never-to-be-completed.

Yes sir, yes sir, three looms full–of started projects most likely never-to-be-completed.

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