In her video, Yoga Over 50, Barbara Benagh says, “We live in a very youth-oriented culture and it contributes to a viewpoint that aging is loss. . . . Throughout life, the stages of life, each have their separate strengths. . . . Aging is a time of wisdom; wisdom can only come from experience . . .” To that I noted that Solomon asked for and was given the gift of wisdom from God in his relative youth. I do believe God is the bestower of wisdom, but age and experience help.

Yoga over 50 by Barbara Benagh

Yoga over 50 by Barbara Benagh

So I’ve been pondering this idea that aging isn’t loss, and have been cultivating a new appreciation for getting older. Heaven knows I’ve struggled with it. Maybe aging is harder for some people than for others, but I believe it’s difficult for us all.

Aging isn’t loss.

It’s change, yes. But what if it’s a jettisoning of things–conditions–we don’t need anymore?

Elder Neal A. Maxwell said, “There appears to be ‘no other way’ to learn certain things except through the relevant, clinical experiences. . . . Those of us who fall short, in one way or another, often do so because we carry such unnecessary and heavy baggage. . . . If sufficient meekness is in us, it will not only help us to jettison unneeded burdens, but will also keep us from becoming mired in the ooze of self-pity.” ( )

I’ve been oozing self-pity.

So many pains . . . 27 August 2015

So many pains . . .
27 August 2015


But now it’s time to progress.

Obviously aging is meant to be; it’s part of the plan. What shocking sorrow, almost a horror, that we cling to youth. One could hardly call such an attitude submissive to God’s will. It is one of the sins of our generation and it’s rampant. The pervasive mindset of youth-clinging has made it harder for me to cope with, and welcome, the changes I’m experiencing. Experiencing, see? Getting wisdom.

Aging is not loss; it’s gain, it’s meant to be–part of the plan of happiness. It is praiseworthy and thank-worthy. Here I am, older! Different! I’m not the same young Edenite I was. Hallelujah!

Love a life no longer green. 27 August 2015

Love a life no longer green.
27 August 2015

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