It’s been a while since I engaged in The Daily Sketch—unless you count drawing pin loom patterns as sketches. In fact, they often start out that way.

Now that I’ve got Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving up and running, I can relax back here on Windswept Mind.

I drew this picture during an emotionally troubled time, about two weeks ago. Seems I’m always searching for peace, but apparently wasn’t finding it inside or out.

Yesterday, while I was still working on pin loom patterns and my husband was at the Harbor Freight Memorial Day sale, I turned on the TV for company (never thought I’d grow up to be the kind of person who does that). BYU TV wasn’t coming in, so I watched a different public television station—some artsy kind of program where the hostess races you through at least four different projects in under 25 minutes. I stumbled in during the twenty-second painting segment. What a breath of fresh air. I felt so inspired and knew I had to get back to painting now that my pin loom book-related problems are, if not solved, at least staved off.

What a relief to draw and paint this last night.

There’s no getting away from it, I love Papermate pens and cheap white drawing paper. Even though sketch paper ends up warped and wrinkly after I add water, it’s still my favorite for painting (sorry Arches!).

UPDATE: Here is tonight’s sketch, thought I’d add it to the post. No Papermate pen this time, just Prismacolor watercolor pencils and sketch paper.

Just want to add a few more paintings. Gotta admit, Arches does seem to take the paint better. The colors are clearer and the paper is definitely less wrinkly. (Arches even accepted the Papermate ink well.)

Additional note—I don’t know if all the faces are me or not; they’re not intentional self portraits, more like psychological self-portraits, I suppose.

painted on Arches 140 lb. cold press

Oh, wild. I just noticed the last two I painted are facing the opposite direction. I know I do both (and sometimes facing forward), but I rarely choose one or the other—it’s just whatever comes out. I wonder if it means something . . .

4 Thoughts on “Revival

  1. I certainly know that looking for peace and not finding it inside or out. While i don’t turn on the TV for company, i put on music i reallly like …. i let my mood pick out the CD…sometimes “old time” Irish music, sometimes classical. Am glad you found the show segment that drew you back to your pens and paper…i really like your painting! and i do see you depicting tension/concern in the eyes, the eyebrows (and pursed lips, i think.) Keep on drawing/painting!!!

  2. Thanks Joselyn! I can always use encouragement. It’s really interesting to hear what someone else sees in the painting. I don’t always know myself, just draw and see what comes out, try to quit when it’s done. Old time Irish music sounds fun and I love classical too. Lately I’ve been listening to all of Michelle Tumes’ albums. About a year ago it was a selection of Partridge Family favorites. I ended up turning the computer on and listening to music–which is usually what I prefer (if not silence); the TV was kind of a fluke. Apparently it was the fluke I needed.

  3. Nice drawing! She (you?) looks more relaxed, maybe just finished reading… maybe meditating, or maybe ready to fall asleep.

    • Thanks Joselyn! I don’t know how I felt when I drew it. Drawing is sometimes an act of desperation, like, “Just. Give. Me. A. Piece. Of. Paper. Gotta draw . . . OK, there. Whew.”

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