You can pronounce “aaah” in a couple of ways—ah, as in father; this connotes contentment; or a, as in cat; connoting panic, terror, or perhaps excitement at facing a daunting new adventure.

I’ve marked Artwork as one of the categories to which this post belongs because I spent gobs of time designing the project I’ve begun (even though I haven’t started weaving). It’s going to be an interesting and challenging project.

Emmet from The Lego Movie

In a previous post I mentioned a pin loom weaving project I was going to make for my 8-year-old neighbor. After I’d started working on the white dog, the boy’s father came over and asked if it was too late to change the project. He explained that his son had played an inappropriate video game at someone else’s house and he, the dad, didn’t want me to make the dog (a character in the game). He hoped I wasn’t well underway. (I’m impressed on many levels about this exchange—the boy telling his father, his father researching the game and then coming over to tell me about it.) I agreed completely and said I would be delighted to make something else. I’d made only a few pieces—two of which ended up in the flower pillow project.

It wasn’t till yesterday that I was able to bring up the subject of a new project with the 8-year-old. I’m truly amazed at how quickly he comes up with ideas. He was wearing a T-shirt featuring characters from The Lego Movie and said he’d like me to make Emmet. I figured this was a safe selection—“Been there, seen it, got the shirt.”

Because of copyright issues, I won’t post my reference photos of Emmet here, but you can Google him. Here’s an altered view of the photos I used to make my design.

Three views of Emmet from The Lego Movie—front, back, and side

There’ll be a little embroidery, some paper piecing, maybe some new looms, and a whole lot of ORANGE. Should be fun. Will be challenging. And one day…

It’ll be finished.

2 Thoughts on “Beginning — aaaaaah!

  1. Joyce Lowder on 2 July 2019 at 3:46 PM said:

    Looks great…and a wonderful way to make a memory, a touchable one as well as all the discussion around your work…for him..(and yourself!) :

    • I’ve just come back from next door. He really liked the design, so I guess that’s a green light on the project. It will be fun to talk it over with him as I go along. Thanks for the kind comment!

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