Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Sue, wearing green.

Sue, wearing green.

You know what?  Most of my shirts are green.  I’m not Irish nor a fan of the holiday, but it’s OK to like green shirts, isn’t it?


Off topic–I’m looking at the photo archives and seeing a lot of my artwork (most of the photos are posted on my FaceBook page already) and I’m thinking, “I should be doing art . . .”


I should be writing too.  It has not been a good week for getting much done. 

But I really should do some art.  It’s a great way to deal with grief.  In the past, I’ve done a couple of pieces for friends who have lost dogs.  Maybe I should do one for myself.

Maybe I just will.


My working space.

Maybe next week I can start working on my book again.

This has been an unusual week.

But I’ve met my writing group and had my first page critiqued.

And I have a website!

Welcome to the 21st century, Sue.

Baby Maggie and Millie (formerly known as The Yellow Girls)

Baby Maggie and Millie (formerly known as The Yellow Girls)

Once upon a time there were two dogs and two people.  The dogs were puppies and the people weren’t.The people wanted the puppies, so they filled out all the forms, jumped through all the hoops, and paid out all their cash.  Then they got to have the puppies.

The puppies grew up.  Too fast.

They became known as Maggie and Millie and they were very cute and fun and sometimes mischievous.


Now Millie is gone and Maggie misses her.  The people do too.

The End.