It’s not difficult to finish the Weave-Along book. Really you could slap it together yourselves, but there are a few things I noticed from the first and second times I made the book that may help you get more satisfying results. (By the way, if you’ve had any difficulties with the instructions or construction, I’d love to hear feedback so I can improve my presentation. Thanks!)

The book that inspired the WAL

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“We but half express ourselves,
and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.”
(from “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A week-and-a-half ago I wrote a post I could have called I Am a Writer, and said how I anticipated that embracing that fact would . . . well . . . make all my wildest dreams come true; the main wild dream being to escape immobilizing depression.

I mean, really, don’t you get sick of fighting it EV–ER–Y day?

Apparently writing isn’t the omni-cure I had hoped it would be. (It has its depressing side too.)

The other day I was skimming through my daily feed (think about that term for half a tick: “daily feed”) on Facebook. and saw a lovely face. She’s a painted drawing by Katie Kendrick, friend-and-artist (whose classes I’ve taken).

painted drawing by Katie Kendrick
(25 Feb 2017)

Something about her delicacy, wistfulness, the hint of wind (maybe she has a windswept mind as well) . . . . Also, the glints of light—particularly the one in her bouquet—said something to me.  “Whispering Hope,” maybe. I liked her and made inquiries. Katie meant to paint her, but I was graciously granted permission to purchase her as is. Read More →

Been a busy Saturday, finishing up a couple of projects–one I started yesterday and one I started a couple of weeks ago. Are you the kind of person who gets all the pieces for a project made only to be deterred by the actual sewing of the pieces together? I am.

Star cushion--variegated side.

Star cushion–variegated side.

Some time ago, someone on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group posted a link to a cute little star cushion–the originator calls it a “starfish picnic pin” (according to Google Translator). It’s made using 10 @ 2″ x 2″ Weave-It squares (scroll down the original page to see the instructions). I decided to make mine with coordinating yarns, so I made five variegated and five purple. Read More →

Last Saturday I took a class called “Dyeing with Kool-Aid” at Harmony yarn store in Provo.

Strawberry, Pina, and Lemonade Kool-Aid combined on this 4 oz. skein of Lamb's Pride yarn.

Strawberry, Pina, and Lemonade Kool-Aid combined on this 4 oz. skein of Lamb’s Pride yarn.

Dyeing yarn was so much fun and the results were so amazing, I had to try it again . . .

Several colors of Kool-Aid combined to make these colorways.

Monday. Several colors of Kool-Aid combined to make these colorways.

. . . and again.

These skeins were dyed by my visiting teachers. From L: Cheryl Jean's, mine, and Tawny's.

Tuesday: These skeins were dyed by my visiting teachers and me. From L: Cheryl Jean’s, mine, and Tawny’s.

I dyed one more skein on Tuesday, but neglected to take a photo while it was drying. I used a weird pearly-looking Easter egg dye on it–one envelope of pink, one of yellow–but there wasn’t much dye, so added pink and yellow Kool-Aid too.

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