Here it is, day 8, and these are my feelings about IF: it might be for the birds.

Any program that causes me to constantly think about a subject I loathe, viz. food, is not exactly right for me. (Long ago I saw an episode of Happy Days wherein Fonzie told Ralph Malph that he should join the French Foreign Legion. Ralph was all set up to set off; no one else could talk him out of it. Finally Richie persuaded Fonzie to tell Ralph he was wrong to advise Ralph so. Fonzie RELUCTANTLY agreed, but every time he tried to tell Ralph he’d been wrong he could only say, “I was ruh-ruh-ruh.” Eventually he said, “I was Not Exactly Right.” Henceforth the phrase¬†not exactly right is code in my home for¬†ruh-ruh-ruh.) Read More →

I’ve been trying to give up sugar.

I know you’re thinking, “This CAN’T have a happy ending.” You might be right. However, so far, so good. That is, so far, pretty good. I just checked on Facebook (where I keep track of my life, though I should probably do that here on my blog) and I’ve been on a sugar-free-to-reduced-sugar diet since the end of March! I had no idea; I’d have guessed a couple of weeks at most.

Here’s what I’ve learned: Read More →