I’ve been trying to give up sugar.

I know you’re thinking, “This CAN’T have a happy ending.” You might be right. However, so far, so good. That is, so far, pretty good. I just checked on Facebook (where I keep track of my life, though I should probably do that here on my blog) and I’ve been on a sugar-free-to-reduced-sugar diet since the end of March! I had no idea; I’d have guessed a couple of weeks at most.

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Two weeks ago I attended an evening seminar at church about becoming more self-reliant. I don’t know what I was expecting—emergency preparedness? food storage tips?

A good deal of the seminar focused on having us ponder and trust in personal direction we received via the Holy Ghost. That might not be a concept everyone is familiar with, but it’s quite usual for me. I gamely trusted, pondered, and received inspiration. Though I knew it was a bit scary, I acted on the prompting to join the Starting and Growing a Small Business class.

Self Reliance Class Manual

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I’ve been listening to David Copperfield, read by my favorite audio book reader, Tadhg Hynes. (Tadhg is pronounced like the first syllable of tiger.) It’s a long book—1.3 days, according to iTunes—so I’ve been listening for quite a while.

While I listen to Dickens’ yarn, I spin yarn of my own. It’s amazing what I’ve accomplished in less than 1.3 days (I haven’t finished the book yet).

Merino on the wheel

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