I have never known myself to get to the end of a first-time project and remember to photograph the end processes. So, I have no photos of the final assembly of the scarecrow. However, if you purchased the pattern, you have the same instructions I followed.

I tried a couple of different techniques:

  1. I sewed the raffia to the scarecrow’s head (remember I don’t like glue) before assembling the hat.
  2. I sewed the hat to the head (I don’t know if that was part of the instructions or not; by the end I was doing whatever I thought needed to be done to complete the project).
  3. Got the idea to add a crow from Bee Sroe on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group.
  4. I added the Mini Pumpkin from the Halloween Pin Loom Set by Deborah Bagley.

    Ta da!

    Ta da!

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Can't post a photo of what I haven't made yet. Stay tuned.

Can’t post a photo of what I haven’t made yet. Stay tuned.

On the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group we’re hosting a weave-along of a different kind. We’re following a commercial pattern invented by one of the group members. Be sure to visit Deborah Bagley’s Yarnovations for the Halloween Pin Loom Projects set. We’re making the scarecrow from that set. Isn’t he a cutie?

We need to make several plain weave (PW) squares for the project, but they don’t absolutely have to be plain weave. I figured as long as I’m making squares, and don’t have to make too many, instead of PW, I’d practice some skills and revisit some of my earlier blog posts. I decided on 2/2 Twill for the scarecrow’s jeans, which means using the Two-Layer Warp method (2LW). And I decided to use my Loomette to make the houndstooth pattern for his shirt. Read More →

We started a new Weekly Weave-Along on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group. It’s been a busy week at home and on the board, but I finally finished all four squares for last week’s WWAL.

The original pattern, "Double Diagonal," from the Weave-It Magic Squares book.

The original pattern, “Double Diagonal,” from the Weave-It Magic Squares book–designated “Top Right Square.”

After weaving the first block, I decided I’d rather preserve the orientation of the corners for joining purposes, therefore, the pattern would have to be rewritten for four different directions.

A simulation of what many squares combined would look like.

A simulation of what many squares combined would look like.

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UPDATE (22 AUG 2019): For updated and better information on Two-layer Warping (2LW), please see the Topical Guide on Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving. Scroll down to the bottom for several links to instructions.

Two-Layer Warping (2LW) opens the door to a world of ultra-cool patterns. It’s a step closer to weaving on other looms. You’ll learn a bit more about how weaving works, and 2LW will help you understand the three-layer warping process more fully.

Three samples of two-layer warp patterns.

Samples of two-layer warp patterns.

This post covers 2LW on the Weave-it and comparable looms. Loomette offers a slightly different approach which will be covered in a subsequent post. Read More →