A long time ago (in this galaxy) while I was taking a Shakespeare class in college, a friend gave me a birthday card with a picture of Garfield—dressed in Elizabethan-type garb and holding a drumstick—on the cover. It said, “To party or not to party?” Inside it said, “That is a stupid question.”

Last night my please-drown-me-in-sleep Kindle game, Thread Words, sent me an unsubtle message.

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I miss my blog. I miss writing about Pin Loom Weaving here.

Full to bursting—my box of PLW patterns

Over the past few weeks I’ve invented a large number of pin loom weaving patterns and I can’t show anyone other than my husband who, though a gentleman, is not especially interested in weaving and—like someone who hasn’t “been there, done that”—can’t fully appreciate the aggravation and mental-and-emotional-wear-and-tear devising patterns can have on one. Read More →

en- — prefix . . . forming verbs with the general sense “to cause (a person or thing) to be in” the place, condition, or state named by the stem

Joy — noun — the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying

I have had a joyful week. And it’s only Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning, but I’m still up . . . as usual. I’m too happy to go to bed).

Nothing gives me greater pleasure—or joy—than helping other people. The joy piles on when I get to use my creativity and talents and, more especially, when the help and creativity required gobs of difficult but exceptionally satisfying work. Read More →

About a year ago I received a request from Margaret Stump, author of Pin Loom Weaving, and her newest book, Pin Loom Weaving To Go. She wanted to write a blog post about my blog! She kindly let me review the post before she made it public. I made a couple of minor corrections and she published it.

Now I’m wondering if I need to do the same for her—I was asked by her publisher if I would review her new book.

Margaret Stump’s new release: Pin Loom Weaving To Go

It seems to me a book review is supposed to be my honest opinion. Right? If Meg (I hope she doesn’t mind if I call her that instead of Margaret which takes a lot longer to type) has suggestions, I welcome them. And if I’ve made mistakes, I’ll happily correct them. But I think I’ll write this review without adult supervision.

That said, I have to confess, I don’t feel entirely free to write my opinion. First of all, Meg will likely read this, and I wouldn’t for the world hurt her feelings. Second, her publisher will read it, the same publisher who asked me if I’m still interested in writing a book (though that’s looking kind of cloudy at the moment). I mean, can you see my position?

Nevertheless, while I’ll sincerely attempt to not trample feelings, I will express my opinion. (Caveat: it feels a little like I’m promoting my own stuff in this review. I don’t mean to; I’m the kind of person who likes to have links to things that are mentioned instead of making people go look it up for themselves.) Read More →