A long time ago (in this galaxy) while I was taking a Shakespeare class in college, a friend gave me a birthday card with a picture of Garfield—dressed in Elizabethan-type garb and holding a drumstick—on the cover. It said, “To party or not to party?” Inside it said, “That is a stupid question.”

Last night my please-drown-me-in-sleep Kindle game, Thread Words, sent me an unsubtle message.

This is unsubtle because I’ve been thinking about writing again and the question, “To write or not to write?” naturally came to mind, followed by Garfield’s reply, “That is a stupid question.”

Other hints include:

  • It’s fall (= Writing Time if you’re me [I don’t know why])
  • I’ve used at least two pieces of scratch paper in my recent artwork that are printed pages from my first children’s novel. Stopped painting to read them. Sighed and remembered how much I love that book.
  • People keep reading the “Sue’s Book” page on this blog.
  • People keep asking me to write a pin loom weaving book (which is NOT where my heart lies, although I completely understand because I prefer a book when I’m learning a new skill and, frankly, I’d like a book of my patterns).
  • Found a picture I’d cut from a magazine several years ago as reference material for another story I was working on. Remembered how much I liked the story. Sat down and wrote out a page of notes for it.
  • I found a picture in a children’s picture book (what was I doing looking at a picture book in the wee small hours???) that reminded me of when Heather and I used to go to the library to write.

from The Library by Sarah Stewart

I keep looking at and buying other people’s books on Amazon. (Granted, these are mostly art books and materials because that’s what I’ve been doing lately.) Clearly the concept of book-as-printed-matter has not been windswept from my mind.

OK, here’s the whine fest: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (That about sums it up, but for those who don’t speak Whine, I’ll translate:)

  • It’s takes ALOTALOTALOTALOTALOT a lot of time and energy—which takes more time from the other parts of my life that I keep trying not to shut down completely (like daylight, exercise, eating).
  • Uuuuuuuuuuum. Well, that’s it, really. Except it might be worth mentioning that I feel . . . like . . . excuseexcuseexcuse . . .

Gee whiz! “Listen, kiddo, you can’t fight a tidal wave” (What’s Up Doc?).

I hope my bathing suit still fits.


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