I videoed two segments using Weave-it’s zigzag pattern today. I’m afraid the lighting wasn’t the greatest and the choice of colors is uninspiring (though the square is a little prettier in person). I’m working on the two-color video segment right now, but am not sure I’ll keep it. Also, I happened to choose the most difficult configuration for an introduction on two-color warping, so . . . we shall see what comes of it. For now, here is the rough draft version of this post.

Weave-it Weaves "Zig-Zag" pattern in different colors.

Weave-it Weaves “Zig-Zag” pattern in different colors.


2 Thoughts on “Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving—Patterns and Colors and Corners, Oh, My!

  1. merci pour cette vidéo, bien intéressante 🙂 amicalement Fabienne

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