Because I don’t knit on circular needles, I sort of developed my own pattern.

I generally use acrylic baby yarn (weight category 3) which makes a nice, stretchy ribbing and leg part. I think I knit a little bit loose. If you want to use heavier yarn, just advance all the needle/hook sizes up by one size.

Use size 5 needles. Cast on 40 sts. (I use the long-tail cast on method.)

R1-16: K1, P1 ribbing

Switch to size 6 needles.

R17-80: stockinette st.

Switch to size 5 needles

R81-96: K1, P1 ribbing

Use size E hook for crochet bind-off.

Use size F hook to close seam, taking special care to close the very first stitch so it doesn’t leave a gap. I use a basic slip stitch, worked loosely. Work in ends.

Tip: I use Clover brand Wonder Clips to hold the edges in place so everything stays matched up along the sewing seam. (Tried another cheaper brand and returned them.)


It’s 2:14 A.M.

I mention this because Windsweptmind has already had a number of visitors. One of the posts visited in the the first two hours fifteen minutes of the day was Houndstooth Check, my most-visited post (which gets daily visits, I believe, and which, yesterday, celebrated its two-year anniversary). When I wrote that post I had no idea what lay ahead of me.

A tiny sample of what I’ve been working on

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