So, I’m doing art again after a few years’ hiatus. I mean, studio art. I’ve been doing watercolor sketches a lot, but not acrylic paintings, collages, art journaling.

I’m always trying to learn to loosen up a bit. My style seems to lie between realism and total abandon. It’s representational, but not realistic. The work is totally emotional.

I usually play music while I create—it feels like I’m singing back to the singers. Sometimes I HAVE to stop and dance. Art makes me feel so alive. And I’m so pleased when I like the results.

I wonder too, if art helps stave off potential melancholy episodes. We shall see.

The two paintings above are tonight’s journal pages—acrylic sketches. I’ve recently been being influenced by the work of Jane Davenport and Dina Wakley. I don’t know if it shows in my art, but I feel like my work has improved. Thank heaven for teachers!

Here’s a little gallery of other recent paintings (from September 2017).

I love this last watercolor painting. It reminds me of the movie Heidi—which I watched after painting it. Strange thing, I was stuck in the movie—the emotion of it or something—for a few days afterward. Still when I look at it, I feel a return of the fresh, uplifting comfort of that movie. (I do hope Heidi and Peter married and stayed on the mountain and raised goats. And that Clara came to visit often.)

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