Believe it or not, I don’t post every piece of artwork I make. I think you can guess why I don’t.

OK, I’m just NOT GOOD (yet) at painting faces with acrylic paint. I added the “yet” because I didn’t use to be good at painting faces with watercolors either, but I think I’m pretty good at it now. After a frustrating time with (unposted) a portrait in acrylics, I whipped out this little watercolor–just to unwind. It may not be “to die for,” but I like it. I was relaxed when I painted it and it took only a few minutes.
I’ll probably add some more details to it later (color enrichment), but I might just leave it as is.

The other day I posted some acrylic sketches I painted—again, not pieces to die for, but I liked them. I revisited them and changed things up a bit.

And I’m messing around with this one. Thinking of adding some leaves to the branch.

A bird in the bush

Today I finally finished this piece. It’s been mostly done for quite a while, but I got bogged done on all the petal cutting and gluing of tiny pieces and bits of yarn fluff. I mostly like how it turned out.

All in all, not a fun-filled day of art (too much gluing and acrylic frustration), but I’ll keep practicing. The more I work at it the more I learn—which might just be my favorite thing of all.

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