The other day I was trying to write a blog post about . . . well, let’s call it art. It was also about the compulsion to create and what to say about other people’s work. The more I wrote, the more . . . I wrote, and it was getting out of hand. There was too much to think about, to say, to express. Maybe I need to write it on paper, not type it. Certainly I want to keep pondering it.

Anyway, here are some recent art journal entries that have tried to expand on those ideas either verbally or visually. (Can verbal refer to the written word as well as the spoken?)

This was my response to the attempted blog post. Luckily I’d already drawn the picture and left lots of room for writing. Otherwise there might not have been a picture.

I HAD to write something on double ten day. Funny, this picture and the written words don’t really go together, but there you go; that’s art journaling.

This was my final painting last night. I feel I have to protect her. I’m so glad to know there is still someone like this inside me.

Just want to wrap up by saying my four-year hiatus from studio art was a blessing. So is my hiatus hiatus. Welcome back to my life, art!

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