I’ve been trying to give up sugar.

I know you’re thinking, “This CAN’T have a happy ending.” You might be right. However, so far, so good. That is, so far, pretty good. I just checked on Facebook (where I keep track of my life, though I should probably do that here on my blog) and I’ve been on a sugar-free-to-reduced-sugar diet since the end of March! I had no idea; I’d have guessed a couple of weeks at most.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Cold turkey worked well for me—start strict then relax a bit.
  • After a couple of days I didn’t have significant sugar cravings.
  • After a month, I still have daily insignificant-but-nevertheless-present sugar cravings.
  • I often crave sugar just before I realize I’m hungry. If I resist the urge to binge on graham crackers (the only sweet treat left in the kitchen), and fix myself a meal, the craving goes away. (I know! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?)
  • By allowing myself to occasionally have a low-sugar treat (such as a graham cracker or a fruit-based popsicle), I’m not fighting myself as much. (Does that makes sense?)
  • I don’t use treats as a reward. I regard them as a thing I’m allowed to eat after dinner.
  • I often feel a desire to get a treat when we’re out (like a shake at McDonald’s), but I don’t say anything and therefore I don’t get one. Eat at home as much as possible is a helpful motto.

By making reasonable and doable adjustments, my behavior is changing. (I’m not ruling out Divine Assistance here either.) I’m watching my husband eat the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Several packages of Oreos are languishing in the basement (food storage area). After the Milanos ran out (Double Dark Chocolate) I resisted the urge to buy more.

Embarking on this endeavor has opened my eyes. I see things I didn’t notice before—like the thing about wanting sugar right before a meal. I’m not sure if my temperament is affected, but maybe I’m doing a little better with not being victimized by my moods. I can’t say for sure that my health has improved. I’m disappointed that I didn’t lose any weight—I mean a couple of pounds, yeah—but at least it’s not going up. I can’t say I feel physically great; I didn’t really expect to; but I feel strong discipline-wise.

And that is a very good feeling.


(Here’s a link to my Facebook post. It has several links in it about giving up sugar as well as a link to a useful recipe. I’m not sure if anyone but me can see it. I’m including it for my personal reference.)

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