This might be repetitious information, but just in case someone has missed it (and is interested), I’ve finished designing the alphabet and number weaving patterns.

The Final 12 patterns—yes, there are thirteen squares in the photo; the letter D is in there twice (two different versions).

It’s interesting to me that the Final 12 are divided equally into six letters and six numbers. Two of the letters are in common usage—C and D—but they were second and third of the last six letter patterns. Go figure.

I also want to publish my profound gratitude for the Divine Assistance I received while designing and weaving these squares (most in about eight hours). Two days ago a member of the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group requested that I finish what I’d started (within two weeks because she wants to use them for a class she’s teaching); only the letter K was already mapped out, though not test-woven. I diagrammed C and D that day, but soon felt like giving up. It’s hard to describe how difficult it can be to design decent-looking letters and numbers—so many minute adjustments must be made on the diagram and while weaving on the loom. For instance, when I worked on the number 8 last December it took me hours—multiple diagrams both on and off the computer as well as several test-squares. It’s truly a miracle that I was able to complete all these in one night.

The surprise of such experiences has toned down a bit for me, but not the wonder and awe I feel. Truly God cares about our miniscule endeavors; He is in all the details of our lives—all of them; everyone’s. This I know.

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