This is a prequel post.

In fact, the real post is located somewhere else. I debated about whether or not to post it here or on the other blog. Since it’s entirely pin loom relevant, I put it over there.

Make a pair of same size samples and pre-shrink one of them.

I weave on my pin looms every single day and, lately, I spin my own yarn most days (M-Sat.). That doesn’t leave a lot of time for other pursuits.

But life calleth. I had to take a small break from real fun and do some dastardly clothes shopping. I don’t like shopping for clothes, never have. Since I’m older than I used to be, I’m also wiser. Wisdom weighs a lot and takes up a lot of space in the body (FACT: it’s not merely housed in the brain). Thus, larger clothing is required. Being a forward thinker and a fan of winter, I’m buying clothing with that season in mind. Lightweight V-neck sweaters will not be sufficient to keep me warm come November and I’m not going through this (shopping expedition) again. So I’m starting now to make adaptations for then.

Finally, a practical use for my rigid heddle looms. I’m going to make myself some pre-planned (not just whatever color combinations please my eye [though probably some of those too]) shawls and/or scarves. And I’m trying to prepare myself to do it right. Hence the pre-shrinkage adventure.

I’ve bought my first ever kit (though this is not the photo that sold me on it). And I bought my first ever yarn from Webs (did you know they give you discounts if you’re a hoarder, uh, that is, smart shopper?). As much fun as it is to spin my own, I’m not very adventurous (yet! Coming some day: Adventures in Yarn Spinning—though, come to think of it, I’ve done a bit of bouclé and art yarn), so I’m starting to explore the wide world of Already Spun Stuff (= $$$; = want to be very careful not to mess up).

Stay tuned for post-quel rigid heddle adventures posts…

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