“We but half express ourselves,
and are ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents.”
(from “Self Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A week-and-a-half ago I wrote a post I could have called I Am a Writer, and said how I anticipated that embracing that fact would . . . well . . . make all my wildest dreams come true; the main wild dream being to escape immobilizing depression.

I mean, really, don’t you get sick of fighting it EV–ER–Y day?

Apparently writing isn’t the omni-cure I had hoped it would be. (It has its depressing side too.)

The other day I was skimming through my daily feed (think about that term for half a tick: “daily feed”) on Facebook. and saw a lovely face. She’s a painted drawing by Katie Kendrick, friend-and-artist (whose classes I’ve taken).

painted drawing by Katie Kendrick
(25 Feb 2017)

Something about her delicacy, wistfulness, the hint of wind (maybe she has a windswept mind as well) . . . . Also, the glints of light—particularly the one in her bouquet—said something to me.  “Whispering Hope,” maybe. I liked her and made inquiries. Katie meant to paint her, but I was graciously granted permission to purchase her as is. Read More →

Been a busy Saturday, finishing up a couple of projects–one I started yesterday and one I started a couple of weeks ago. Are you the kind of person who gets all the pieces for a project made only to be deterred by the actual sewing of the pieces together? I am.

Star cushion--variegated side.

Star cushion–variegated side.

Some time ago, someone on the Facebook Pin Loom Weaving Support Group posted a link to a cute little star cushion–the originator calls it a “starfish picnic pin” (according to Google Translator). It’s made using 10 @ 2″ x 2″ Weave-It squares (scroll down the original page to see the instructions). I decided to make mine with coordinating yarns, so I made five variegated and five purple. Read More →

Last Saturday I took a class called “Dyeing with Kool-Aid” at Harmony yarn store in Provo.

Strawberry, Pina, and Lemonade Kool-Aid combined on this 4 oz. skein of Lamb's Pride yarn.

Strawberry, Pina, and Lemonade Kool-Aid combined on this 4 oz. skein of Lamb’s Pride yarn.

Dyeing yarn was so much fun and the results were so amazing, I had to try it again . . .

Several colors of Kool-Aid combined to make these colorways.

Monday. Several colors of Kool-Aid combined to make these colorways.

. . . and again.

These skeins were dyed by my visiting teachers. From L: Cheryl Jean's, mine, and Tawny's.

Tuesday: These skeins were dyed by my visiting teachers and me. From L: Cheryl Jean’s, mine, and Tawny’s.

I dyed one more skein on Tuesday, but neglected to take a photo while it was drying. I used a weird pearly-looking Easter egg dye on it–one envelope of pink, one of yellow–but there wasn’t much dye, so added pink and yellow Kool-Aid too.

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Something has been on my mind for a while: the way we readily judge with our eyes. If something looks good to us, we like it. If it doesn’t appeal to our eyesight we express no opinion of it, dismiss it. Do we ever stop to consider how it makes someone else feel when we don’t say something kind or don’t recognize their effort, and bravery in sharing it?

10 Jan 2016–a fun, loose sketch.

Not long ago I showed some samples of my Weave-it squares to a male acquaintance. Each square was woven with the same pattern; only the color choices and sequence of use varied. (See photo below.)

Four squares, same pattern, different color combinations.

Four squares–same pattern, different color combinations.

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