I’m obsessed with the houndstooth check pattern of weaving.

Houndstooth check requires a different warping and weaving style. It’s not the three layer warp method. It’s definitely not bias weaving. It isn’t exactly two-layer warping though it most closely resembles that style. Because of its roguish nature, you can play around with it a lot while warping, and even a bit while weaving. It produces this fascinating geometric design. I’m not all that crazy about the end result; it’s the process that grips me.

5" and 4" Houndstooth Check squares

5″ and 4″ Houndstooth Check squares

I thought obsessions were pleasant things you enjoy, like, “I’m obsessed with chocolate.” But they’re not, are they?

Thank you, Dictionary.com

Thank you, Dictionary.com

Thankfully my houndstooth check obsession isn’t addictive, just engrossing. In the past four days, despite other commitments, I’ve made seven houndstooth check squares–complete with step-by-step photos, handwritten notes, and plenty of rewarpings and mistakes (some left in, some picked out and rewoven). Granted, I needed four for the scarecrow’s shirt, but before I finished the fourth red and white one, I’d made three others–two in a size I can’t use for the scarecrow, and one in a color combination I wouldn’t use for him.

This is PURPLE.

This is PURPLE–purple and PURPLE.

I’m on a quest to make this pattern behave itself: to make the warp strands not overlap each other so weaving is easier, to see if I can recapture the scalloped edges, to do away with the loose bottom border, to make the top and bottom edges match each other. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to work–not those last two.

Not . . . unless . . . I . . . try . . . one . . . more . . . time . . .

You know I will. I haven’t tried everything I’ve thought of yet.

Obsession–it isn’t healthy.

At some point, I have to stop asking, "What if . . .?"

At some point, I’ll have to stop asking, “What if . . .?”

4 Thoughts on “Adventures in Pin Loom Weaving—Houndstooth Check Re-re-re-revisited

  1. Ha, I’m sure it will all magically come out when you do one more!

  2. Always loved the houndstooth check since I wove my first potholders are a child.

    • It’s certainly distinctive. I never had a pot holder loom (deprived childhood), nevertheless houndstooth check is a name I picked up on a long time ago. Not sure why it stuck. Must be my destiny.

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