When I made my first pin loom pumpkin three years ago I wasn’t totally enamored with it. First of all, I’d just made my scarecrow and, back then, I wasn’t comfortable with constructing 3D objects with pin loom squares. I was also learning about how color behaved in weaving—I really didn’t like how my stem turned out. Since then, I’ve learned a bit about pin loom construction. I removed the old stem and replaced it with a new one.

Old pumpkin, new stem

Deborah Bagley, of Yarnovations, is an absolute WHIZ at pin loom project construction. She has graciously granted permission for me to write this tutorial, using her original idea of the pumpkin. Please have a look at her other spooky designs in the Pin Loom Halloween Set. (She also sells a Christmas Pin Loom Pattern Set and the ebook Zoo Crew.) Read More →

Nothing I like better than rhyming words—what a great title for a blog post!

Zoo Crew cover

My Facebook and FB Pin Loom Weaving Support Group friend, Deborah Bagley, asked me to have a look at her brand new book (congrats, Deborah!) and write a review about it. I have to admit this is challenging in a couple of ways for me. First of all, most of you know I’m a great pin loom square weaver but not a great project-maker, so I look at these adorable 3-D creations and think, “Uuuuuuh.” Second, this is an eBook and I’m old school. However, I know how to use a computer and it’s actually easy to get around the “complication” of looking at a book onscreen (and you have the added bonus of being able to zoom in which is pretty cool). Read More →