I’m taking an art course—sort of on Facebook and sort of through email. That is, the lessons arrive in my email box, but there’s a community page on FB where we’re supposed to share what we’re learning.

The course is called Get Creative and Heal Your Heart (I think you can find it through that link). What I really like about it is that it promotes thinking as well as visual creativity. I’ve been working my way through the first lesson on the FB group and the lessons I receive via email.

I’m learning a lot about myself and my needs—how my past attempts to take care of myself worked well for a while, but my current, recurring frustration stems from outdated practices that have stagnated; I need to move on.

I’m also learning that words inspire my art. Often I paint because of my feelings, but I respond just as fully to words. I can hardly read a sentence of the email lesson without wanting to write my own thoughts and add pictures and color, so it’s taking me a long time to get through the Day One email (Two and Three are in my Inbox waiting . . .).

Now I’m going to post the pages I’ve been drawing in response to the questions and phrases I’ve read. I feel like my art journaling is more authentic again because I’m not always trying to create a work of art. *********************************

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