Does this look familiar? Feels familiar.
Don’t know how many years it’s been since I wrote (my children’s fiction book).

On Saturday (today is Tuesday) my inner writing bug woke up and said, “Here’s what I want you to do. Find a notebook and start writing the revision of your book.”

You’d be surprised how difficult it was to find a suitable notebook.

I don’t work on my writing on Sundays, so it was really tough to put my pen down Saturday night. Would the compulsion/desire to continue working on my book still be alive on Monday? It was a legitimate fear.

I woke up yesterday saying to myself, “OK, I can start writing again.” The desire was still there…ish. I managed to not work on writing all day long. But after midnight I set up the table, washed all the dust off my notebooks, assembled a stack of scratch paper (because who doesn’t write better on scratch paper), and took up my green Papermate pen (blue ink).

“Just start writing,” I said to myself. “Don’t try to plan. Just write.”




I wrote on the backs of old printouts of the book. It was a really good idea because it made me want to get to writing that part of the book again. Soon. Very soon.

I wrote for about 45 minutes.

Six pages later…

The time is right to beginegan.

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