Finished another project—only took me a month! Still, this one was a toughie. I’ve developed a lot more respect for people who devise these sorts of things (and I already had a healthy dose of respect for them).

It feels good to get a thing done.

Emmet with vest, front

Despite my care in designing, Emmet has turned out to have a figure more like mine than a Lego person’s. They’re more squarish while my Emmet is waaaaaaaaay more rectangular. Ah, well.

There wasn’t an unchallenging step in the whole process, even down to the very last step—sewing all the “reflective” tape on his clothing (I chose to sew it on by hand because, as labor-intense as that was, using the machine would have been more difficult).

Emmet with vest, back

I added a pocket to his shirt because I had that square of light blue all made, just sitting on my project table and I thought, “Why not?” (Turns out his pocket placement and shirt overlap aren’t correct, but don’t tell my neighbor—Emmet’s destined recipient.) After I sewed it on I remembered I’d made the square to test the yarn (meant to wet it and block it) for another project.

Emmet without vest, front

Emmet without vest, back

It felt SO good to finally wind this up. As I’ve probably made clear, this wasn’t an especially fun thing to work on. Nevertheless, and notwithstanding his non-resemblance to the original, I think he turned out kind of cute.


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