It was my original intention to write at least once a month on this blog, but my last post was in August. (Actually I think I’ve missed a month or two before this.)

My husband traveled a lot this summer/fall (about three weeks total), so I was home “alone” with Polly and Casey (my two Labs). We had good long walks just about every morning. That went out the window after my husband came back. (Why is that? Sometimes I think I could have good habits if I were on my own, but I’d rather trade up for the company.)

Pin Loom Pumpkins—tutorial coming soon!

I’ve been invited to teach pin loom weaving classes at Heindselman’s Yarn and Gift store (America’s oldest yarn store—right next door in Provo; who knew?). So I’ll be busy every Saturday afternoon (except the Sat after Thanksgiving) starting 26 Oct and ending 14 Dec (my 34th anniversary!). I’ll be teaching a couple of small projects, one of which is the pumpkins shown above. I’ve received permission from my friend, Deborah Bagley of Yarnovations, to post a tutorial here, so watch for it (in a day or two)! You can purchase her Halloween pattern set here.

Most of my recent yarn work has been crocheting and knitting—learning to follow charts and learning gobs of new knitting techniques. I’ve acquired a new obsession!

Crocheted flowers and leaves

Crocheted snowflakes

Crocheted flower coaster (except mine is rather large, so it’s more like a doily).

My first knitted lace shawl!

“What,” you may ask, “happened to your revived writing career?”

I want to say, “It’s flourishing, of course!” But it’s not. It’s limping when it really gets going, but it never really gets going. Writing takes a lot, a lot, a lot of uninterrupted time and focus. The story is still going on in my imagination, but writing isn’t a habit anymore. In the back of my mind though, I hear a tiny voice singing, “I will survive!” Not sure what she’s talking about, but I’m pretty sure it’s my voice (funneled through Gloria Gaynor’s).


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