A while back I wrote a post on how to make pumpkins. One of the pumpkins I posted had a little leaf alongside its stem. At that time I didn’t discuss the leaf because I wove it on a homemade fine sett loom. Since then Wunderwag Industries has released the 1″ square loom, so you can get a really cute, tiny leaf for the 2″ pumpkin. I used that and my fine sett or 2″ loom to make leaves for the other sizes.

L to R: 2″, 3″, and 4″ pumpkins (with leaves)

It bugged me that I had to use super skinny yarn and my fine sett loom to get a proper size leaf for the 3″ pumpkin, so I decided to use my skillz to make a 1 1/2″ loom.

1 1/2″ square and homemade loom
Use one square for the leaf and one for the stem. Pull the yarn ends at Cr1 and Cr4 GENTLY to make a leaf shape. Note that Cr1 will sometimes end up with a hole. See below.
To fix the appearance of the hole, loop the yarn tail over the outer yarn strand and bring it back through the hole. Keep the gathering in place, but if it loosens, retighten it. If you pull your fixer thread too tight, just loosen it with the tip of the needle to recreate the loop that “closes” the hole.
Run the gathering threads back through the gathering stitches so that both ends are at the corner of the leaf end. This leaves a little notch where you can insert the stem and secure the leaf to it with the threads.
When you get the leaves attached to the stems, they may look like little turkeys.

Stuff the pumpkins and insert the stems as shown in the original post.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wunderwag Industries will now be selling 1.5″ looms. As of last night Joe has agreed to start making them. They are available for pre-order at $18 plus S&H. (They come with a 6″ weaving needle.)

Pumpkins make delightful little gifts—for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving. I like to weave up a trio, using my homespun pumpkin-colored yarns, and deliver them in a little cellophane bag. (Incidentally, if you’re going to buy cellophane bags, I recommend 8″ x 10″ bags or a smaller-width bag with pleated sides.)

The cute little fall leaf printed bags are 5″ x 10″—without pleated sides—and are too narrow to fit the 4″ pumpkin without cramming it in there.
While I won’t be using this particular bag (I’ve just ordered some from Amazon), I prefer to have the pumpkins sit in the bag as a side-by-side group.

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