4″ Bat

Halloween approaches. I’m not a retail store. I didn’t start thinking about the holiday in June… or April… or last December. It just occurred to me a few days ago that I could make stuff other than pumpkins.

I thought I didn’t have any black wool yarn, but in my stash I discovered some black Romney wool I washed, combed, and spun myself a few years ago. It’s not solid black, but I prefer a little mix. I think it photographs better than solid black. For most of the demo photos I used a brown DK weight wool. I prefer 100% wool yarn for sculpted items because it yields itself more readily to being shaped than acrylic or an acrylic/wool blend.


  • 4″ square or 4″ triangle loom
  • 1″ square loom
  • Black wool yarn (worsted or DK weight)
  • 2 weaving needles
  • 1 sewing needle

Weave either a 4″ square or 4″ triangle. I suggest leaving long yarn tails at the beginning and end for sewing purposes (4-6″). You can use a 4″ square and fold it over—as shown in the photo at the top—or you can make single-layer wings with a triangle loom. Whichever you choose, the preparation of the wings is essentially the same. If using a square, fold the square in half diagonally so Cr1 and Cr4 meet (tails meeting at the apex of the triangle).

Fold triangle in half to locate the center. Take small running stitches just off of the center, keeping the needle eye at the yarn tail end. Get the second needle ready with its eye at the opposite end.
Thread the second needle on the other side of the center.
Thread the needle nearest the corner of the triangle where the yarn end is (Cr1).
Thread the second needle and pull the stitches tight through the center of the bat wings. You may want to secure the stitching at this point or save that yarn to help affix the bat’s body to the wing.

If making a garland, you could stop at this point and just suspend wings from a string of lights or something. You could also cut a body shape out of felt and glue it on, or embroider something. If you want to add a woven body to the bat, here is a simple-ish way to do it.

Weave a 1″ square, place it on its bias and stretch it out a bit. I find Cr2 at the bottom works well because Cr3 makes a good head shape. Photo shows a finished bat body on the left.
Fold the sides of the diamond shape inward. Wrap one yarn tail around the neck and tighten to make a head shape. Secure that. Then add two ears with the same thread.
Tuck unused thread behind the body and secure it to the wings.

You can use extra yarn tails as a hanger or work them into the wings.

You can make other sizes, but I found it necessary to make some new looms in order to get the right body size. I don’t have a 3″ triangle, so I folded a 3″ square to make wings. The body was woven on a 1″ loom whose template I resized to 80% of the original. I wove the 2″ bat on the 2″ triangle. For his body I made 1/2″ loom. This made a very tiny non-square shape, but it worked out well for a body.

If you want to experiment, a friend of mine made a bat using furry yarn. I would recommend trying the fur yarn on L4 only because it might otherwise be difficult to weave.

I don’t know if Lion Brand makes this yarn anymore, but you can probably find something like it.

Depending on the yarn color you can also use the bat wing technique for butterflies or angel wings.

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