Before I went bats, I thought about how to make a witch. I’m a big fan of doing things as simply as possible. It occurred to me that the angel pattern would make as good a witch as anything new. So, I refer you to that post for the general directions.

The main differences are the green bead, the hat, and hair. I recommend using triangle looms for the hat and shawl (aka arms). (Triangle loom instructions). You can fold a square for the shawl, but since you need to fold the triangle for the hat, a square would be too bulky.

I liked this color for the witch’s face. And I put the beads on a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) when painting them—makes a convenient hanging dryer.

Instead of sewing the shawl on as carefully as you would sew on angel wings, you can sort of baste it on. Then just fold the points inward and attach a novelty button (or tiny broomstick, if you can find one) to resemble arms.

I didn’t photo the process for making the hat. It was a bit messy with the wild wooly hair (I used some curly wool I bought on Etsy for something long ago) and glue. I folded the longest edge of the triangle upward, sewed the back seam (like the snowman hat—which I also didn’t photograph, sheesh!), then pulled, stitched, and glued everything together.

If I make another witch, I’ll try to photo that process. In the meantime, I hope these instructions help. Let me know if you have any questions.

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